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Thoughts on Information

Authors: Oberron , Rezpe , Rezpe & Oberron , sebas ,

Information can be zoomed in or out so for example we can start with an idea which can be set in 45 seconds generated in 3 minutes up to the 10,000 hours that is the time need to become an expert.

And data has different formats: text, images, audio, ... Text can even have color highlighting like code, so there's a blur between the data formats. Also web technologies and other innovations like markdown allow for the creation of this mix of formats.

Also information is a graph because data is linked: - to the sources or references: either other articles or supporting data. This is what is done for example in papers. - to the required information you need to understand the article. Those requirements could be gathered like in SW where you have tools like apt-get that retrieve the SW packages needed to run a SW project. And then you'll learn those concepts to understand the article. Or ew could think of performing an exercise that would check your level of knowledge and then complete the gaps in knowledge to be ready.

We could even say that a degree it just a snapshot of the score in those exercises. And as time passes you would need to refresh knowledge or update it. Also, the best way to learn seems to be a mix of unstructured peer learning mixed with the Japanese sensei style.

Finally those requirements depend on the expectation that you have: - you might want to go deep if you are an expert (down to the axioms) - or just have a high level of understanding for casual readers

Change of scale examples:

$$ \forall n \in \mathbb{N}, \exists a_n, b_n \in \mathbb{Z}~so~that~ I_n = \int_{0}^{\infty} x^n \cdot e^x \,dx\ = a_n + e \cdot b_n$$

source bestiaire maths Ex. 165

Change of scale examples #2

Knowledge of the speed and mass of all gas particles can help compute the gas temperature but temperature can also be measured by a simple thermometer. $$ f(v) = \sqrt{[\frac{m}{2\pi k T}]^3} \cdot 4 \pi v^2 e^{-\frac{mv^2}{2kT}}$$

source [maxwell-boltzmann-distribution (