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fat tail education

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Authors: Oberron , Rezpe , Rezpe & Oberron , sebas ,

Education from fractional distillation to fat tail


Education as fractional distillation

For a long time education as been organised in a similar way to fractional distillation. Kids would go through increasing selection similar to a fractional distillation designed in a way that only a small proportion a what enters the system can make it to the top:

Sisyphus trying to catch-up with AI education

However nowadays it seems that education is moving to a fat tail (aka power law): a small proportion of people are on top of leading edge topics and unless one is coached from the inside it is impossible to get in as the speed of development is too fast. One such topic is Artificial Intelligence. So many papers are published so fast that no one can stay on top (unless already inside), as the growth in publication and pre-print is exponential 1 Fig 1.

On the other hand, many topics from changing a light bulb to very simple AI/CNN topics are explaine on YouTube, GitHub or StarckOverflow meaning anyone can solve a simple problem with only a few hours or searching the Internet (aka "Hello World" or "3 fingers coding").



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