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Apple Car

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Authors: Oberron , Rezpe , Rezpe & Oberron , sebas ,

After seeing the Apple history and previous segments addressed by thier products, the market segment for an Apple car seems to be: - Urban - With money - takes transport alone - seeking comfort

Apple takes profit from a higher end market and charges huge amount of money for their services. Apple would then offer their premium cars and then would offer higher end services on top of those.

One of the services Apple would offer is automated + remote driving. Uber, Lyft,... companies in the transportation sector spend 80% of their revenues in driver salaries. Self-driving is not possible at 100% of cases, but can handle 80-90%. Remote driving would solve the difficult remaining cases. This is a big game-changer. It would be based on remote driving centers, like the drone command centers in the military world.

The reason Apple has not released yet the car has more to do with fabrication. It seems all ear building centers are already used by a competitor, so it's a no go for Apple.