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A world of robots

Authors: Oberron , Rezpe , Rezpe & Oberron , sebas ,

The use of robots for corporate use is minimal overall. There are some exceptions in some industries like trading, where robots are heavily used, but in other sectors it is not the case. Another example is ebay where robots are participating in auctions at the last minute to get the item at a minimal price.

However, the spread of data and API's is making possible a world where more and more robots could be used in every aspect of our lives. In that case, the gap between companies using robots and automation and those not using it will drive the latter ones to extinction.

And we can even think of a future where robots coexist with humans. This will bring challenges we have not faced before.

One of those challenges is in the stock market where we already have robots competing for stocks. Those robots were programmed with human competition and not with robot competition. Sometimes, the situation gets out of control and they must stop the bots immediately to prevent problems in the stock market (like price hikes or cyclic prices)

For example, machine learning is enabling robots to generate content. Those robots could even consume content to create artificial demand for that content. This is a challenge for platforms like youtube who need to differentiate between humans and robots to measure the real interest and distribute the ad money.